Report finds 73% of Taiwanese pirate movies

A study from research consultancy Sycamore Research and Marketing has found that 73% of Taiwanese netizens admit they pirate movies and music, although 81% agree that piracy is wrong.

The research, Exploring Online Piracy Behaviour And Attitudes In Taiwan 2014, also found that 74% of Taiwanese agree that piracy damages Taiwan’s local creative industries, and that the local government should take action.

In addition, 67% of respondents agreed that the internet requires more regulation to prevent streaming and downloading of pirated content, while 63% agree that local courts should be allowed to block websites that profit from piracy.

The study was designed to reveal the motivations and attitudes of Taiwanese aged 18-59 years old in relation to their engagement in online film, TV and music. The findings were presented today to local filmmakers and other industry figures at the Taipei Arts Village.

Sycamore Research polled 1200 respondents aged 18-59 (May 2014), and held qualitative discussion groups with current and lapsed pirates (March 2014). The full report is available at