South Park signs exclusive deal with Hulu

Hulu has signed a three-year deal with the creators of South Park which makes Hulu Plus the exclusive streaming home of the animated series.

The deal, reportedly worth $80m, covers the show’s entire back catalogue of around 240 episodes, in addition to news episodes which will be streamed on Hulu Plus one day after premiering on cable channel Comedy Central from September 24.

The entire library will be available free on from July 24 until September 24. After that, a revolving selection of 30 free episodes will be continue to be streamed for free on Hulu and

Hulu, a joint venture between Disney, Fox and NBCUniversal, signed the deal with South Park Digital Studios, a joint venture between Comedy Central parent Viacom and South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The deal was announced on Saturday at the Television Critics Association twice-yearly convention.

Hulu also said it will provide all the video and advertising around the show on, which will continue to stream all South Park-related content beyond the TV episodes.

The deal highlights the current trend towards exclusivity of content in the increasingly competitive streaming world – previously South Park has been available on, Netflix and Hulu, as well as basic cable and ad-supported TV.