Vyer Films doubles monthly schedule

New York-based streaming service Vyer Films is doubling its release schedule to offer four new films at the beginning of each month.

Vyer Films’ July line-up has been expanded to include Spanish romantic comedy Me, Too (Yo, Tambien); Estonian black comedy The Temptation Of St Tony; and Semih Kaplanoglu’s Egg (pictured), the first part of the Turkish filmmaker’s Yusuf’s Trilogy.

Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono’s Himizu, set in a post-tsunami dystopian Japan, was released on Vyer Films’ platform one week ago. The additional three titles will be available from July 8. Vyer Films previously released one title every other week.

Available in the US, Canada, India and Singapore, Vyer Films is an arthouse-oriented streaming service, which packages films with exclusive interviews and background material.

Me, Too, directed by Antonio Naharro and Alvaro Pastor, follows the friendship between a recent university graduate with Down’s Syndrome and an unconventional coworker. The Temptation of St. Tony, from Estonia’s Veiko Ounpuu, revolves around a successful, middle-aged manager who begins to question the morality of his work and friends. Kaplanoglu’s Egg follows Yusuf as he returns to his hometown after the death of his mother.

“Our focus at Vyer Films is not simply putting films out into the digital space, but connecting audiences to those films,” said Vyer Films founder and CEO K.C. McLeod.

“We understand that that not every story will immediately appeal to every viewer, and so we wanted to give our audience the opportunity to treat every month at Vyer Films like an art opening. You can see the art you are most interested in first, then once satisfied, start to explore other work you might know less about, or have lower expectations of, only to discover an unexpected hidden gem.”